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Master Artist Frederico Vigil

Master Artist Frederico Vigil created the monumental fresco, "Mundos de Mestizaje," in the Torreon on the NHCC campus. This work, at 4000 square feet, is the largest concave fresco in North America and the inspiration for the 2020 NHCC History Festival.​ 2020 is the ten year anniversary of the completion of the fresco. Vigil, a native of Santa Fe, is devoted to reviving buon fresco, an art form that reached its zenith in 16th century Italy. Even so, long before the 16th century Mesoamerican pyramids and Anasazi kivas were painted with a fresco technique like buon and the one that is used by Vigil today. 


Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, Frederico Vigil grew up inspired by the rich history that has become the trademark of his art. Vigil first became involved with the ancient art of fresco during a visit and internship in the 1970's with Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff, who were apprentices to Diego Rivera. Vigil many awards include the 2002 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, the 2000 Art in America Award which (Best Public Art Projects in the United States) and a Visual Arts Fellowship Award by the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more.

10 AM/SATURDAY:  Dr. Diana Krumholz McDonald: “Ancient American Worlds in The Torreon Fresco: A History Told in Art.” Dr. Diana McDonald, art historian, lecturer, and independent curator will discuss the visual history of indigenous Pre-Hispanic cultures of the Americas in Federico Vigil’s "Mundos de Mestizaje." Diana McDonald is an expertise in Ancient American Art, Ancient Middle Eastern Art, and related archaeological sites.

3 PM/SATURDAY: Dr. Josie Lopez: “When the Border Crossed Us: From Mexican Republic to United States Territory.” Dr. Josie Lopez, curator of art at the Albuquerque Museum will discuss images in Federico Vigil’s "Mundos de Mestizaje"that are related to New Mexico’s transition from being part of the Mexican Republic to becoming a United States territory. Lopez is Curator of Art at the Albuquerque Museum.

Fresco Talks

Temporary Murals & Artist Talks

1 PM/SATURDAY:  Reyes Padilla. Concept: "In response to Federico Vigil’s “Mundos de Mestizaje”, I will paint an abstract mural that reflects the emotional complexity of the history depicted in Vigil’s fresco. Layers of diverse colors and brushstrokes will communicate the complicated history and evolution of Hispanic culture, a culture that I was raised with and is very personal to me." Padilla's paintings, murals, and site-specific installations have sold to a variety of collectors and museums, including the State of New Mexico, The City Of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. website

1:30 PM/SATURDAY:  Ruben Olguin. Concept: "'Teatro de Conversión' is an adobe clay painting depicting the uses of Art, Architecture, and Sculpture by missionary friers for the conversion of indigenous people to Christianity. This work is a response to Frederico Vigil’s, Mundos de Mistizaje, by looking at how that world of mixing took place through the lens of indigenous artists and artisans." Olguin is a New Mexico based artist working in ceramics, adobe, electronic media, and socially engaged art practices. His work draws from his mixed Indigenous American and Spanish (mestizo) heritage. website

2 PM/SATURDAY:  Helen Atkins.  Concept: "With inspiration from 'Mundos de Mestizaje' I propose a mural that pays homage to the matriarchs before me. I saw my own history in “Mundos de Mestizaje” and felt gratitude for my ancestors. The piece will also showcase racial and cultural diversity with figures modeled by women living in New Mexico." Atkins works as an artist, teaching artist, curator, and arts organizer with diverse  While working on collaborative projects, she is building a body of work that explores notions of experience and identity. website

Artist Concept Drawings/Sketches

High School Artists

The works below were created by high school students in response to "Mundos de Mestizaje" and will be on display in the History and Literary Arts building from Wednesday-Saturday, February 19-22.  Join us at 2:30 PM on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22 for announcement of first and second place winners and honorable mentions.

Artists: Riley Buckman, Age 17; Michelle Garcia, Age: Leslie Bello, Age 15; Morgan Arthur, Age 14; Mya Stolz, Age 17; Brendan Ryan Oberg, Age 18 (with graffiti by Andrew Lopez, Age 17); Chelsea Christensen, Age 15; Daniela Basista, Age 18; Hannah Cowles, Age 17; Alex Arguello, Age 15; Shawna Dodge, Age 14; Kiana Lithyouvong, Age 18; Diego Enriquez-Frakes, Age 17; Stasha Penn, Age 14; Xavier Niroo.

Individual and team submissions are acceptable.



NHCC History Festival

This History and Literary Arts annual event is designed to deepen our knowledge and experience of Hispanic/Latinx history and engage all ages in activities that encourage a sense of history that is alive, exciting, and integral to community life.

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